As I mentioned Wednesday, I’d be writing about a few of the plants I learned about on my “field trip”.

We’ll start with this guy, mesquite-
This plant has all kinds of uses! 

The medicinal properties of mesquite have long been known and utilized by many native tribes throughout the southwest United States and northern Mexico, including my people, the Yaqui. 

The stems can be used to treat fever. Mesquite bark can also be used for bladder infection, measles or fever. Pods can be used to make an eyewash, prepared as a poultice and applied to a soar throat or can be made into a drink to treat animal stings. Gum, which is exuded from the trunk, can treat sores, burns – including sunburn, stomach ailments and even lice! The leaves can be prepared to treat headaches and bladder infections, amongst other things. The strong wood can be used for building and furniture.

Nutritionally, mesquite has several uses too. Pods, when ripe can be ground into a flour, which can be used in bakes goods or even smoothies and is low glycemic. The green pods can be boiled in water to make a syrup or molasses. A tea or broth can also be made from the pods. The gum can be used to make candy.

Mesquite is my new favorite plant!


This was taken at one of my favorite nearby establishments. A group of very hearty prickly pear cactus and agave, backed up by the adobe wall of bottles make for a little feast on the eyes, whilst waiting to feast. Randomly, I once had a dream I fell into these beauties and a very kind person, who shall remain nameless, painstaking removed the spurs from body.