Local Field Trip 

Today I went on a botanical walk with a group of volunteers from the Mojave Desert Land Trust at the Big MorongoPreserve. We talked birds, mule deer and focused on indigenous uses of various plant species within the area. 

I learned so much and will be sharing some of this new found knowledge in the coming days, with a small series of posts. For now, here’s a picture of an old car that was long left in the preserve.


This was taken at one of my favorite nearby establishments. A group of very hearty prickly pear cactus and agave, backed up by the adobe wall of bottles make for a little feast on the eyes, whilst waiting to feast. Randomly, I once had a dream I fell into these beauties and a very kind person, who shall remain nameless, painstaking removed the spurs from body.

Little Wonder 

Sometimes the things of the world become too much to bear, or so it feels. Then the world snacks you in the face and reminds you it’s not all bad. Case in point, my little late bloomer cactus finally opened up today!

In the crazy, mixed up place this planet can be, it’s the little things that begin to mean the most.