All the Small ThingsĀ 

There are times in life when it just seems to go off the rails. Everything that could go wrong seems to and you have no clear answers to anything. It can feel like you’re free falling and if you’re lucky, someone will be there to catch you. 

Yesterday I landed in the arms of my oldest friend and her beautiful little family. We talked, listened and laughed so hard my head hurt. That ache eased in and replaced all the others. It was a reminder of what a rare gift a tried and true friend can be, but when you have one, you’re the luckiest person there is.

I mean, when this little guy is the company you’re keeping, how can anything else even bother you?

The Wanderer

I’ve long been wanting to visit the old cemetery out in Oro Grande and today became that day. The mothership happened to be in town, so I dragged her along too.

The town of Oro Grande dates back to 1852 with the founding of a trading post along the Mojave River. Gold mining operations began shortly after. During the early 1900’s, a cement factory was built, which still runs today. You can see it in the background, below.


Soon after entering the gates of the cemetery we were greeted by the caretaker, a friendly and very informative gentleman. He actually grew up there and lives in the house his father had built, just down the road. He told us various stories of some of the people buried there and showed us all the plots with actual foot or headstones. Before we left he gave us both souvenir pins, which are actually pretty cool!


Down on the main road, which once was Route 66, there were a handful of business in operation, mostly antique stores and there were of course abandoned ones too.

The “Mohawk” service station.

Bank of Oro Grande

Speaking of those antique shops, I couldn’t resist bringing these two pieces home with me.

I’m a sucker for military styling and most anything with superb details, these had both. I could live without the fringe, but for the impeccable condition and the fact they fit like they were made for me, I chose to overlook it. I may one day decide to part with one or both of these, but for now, I’m impatiently waiting for Fall.

Overall today was tops. It was incredibly beautiful out, the kind of day that makes living here so worth it and I got to cross another ghouly adventure off my to-do list.

mod type thing.

This number had a rough life prior to me finding it. Jammed on a rack, wrinkled and whites a dingy yellow, I knew this dress was in need of rescue. I didn’t look at the tags at the time, knowing the general era, I took a chance I could restore the piece to it’s original glory.

After several hours of soaking and mild elbow grease, I was able to get the seemingly permanent stains out. Next up was a group of tiny moth holes along the hem. I tried re-knitting, sewing and came to the final choice of patching. Now you can’t even tell they’re there!

I only wish I had taken a before picture.


The dress is up in the shop at a particularly low price, considering it’s from I. Magnin and the era. You can thank the moth holes.